Steven and William Ladd, ‘Volcano Necklace’, 2004, Mingei International Museum

Volcano necklace with 15 segments and Double Beaded Ball Closure. Three blue diamond motifs on each segment with crystal colored seed bead center. All three edges of the necklace lined in blue seed beads.

We were in Orient and after a night with friends on the rocks in the water William and I were walking along the beach having a business meeting. I saw near the edge of the water a beautiful pile of seaweed. I pointed it out and said it looked like a beautiful accessory. I went to it and realized it was this Volcano Necklace of mine wrapped in a tangle of seaweed. We were blown away. It washed out in the water the night before and then washed up again in the morning.

Image rights: © Steven and William Ladd, All rights Reserved, 2015

Function and Fantasy: Steven and William Ladd. Mingei International Museum, San Diego, California. 2014. Curator Christine Knoke.

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