Steven Baldi, ‘Branded Light (Olympus)’, 2015, Walker Art Center

Image rights: Courtesy the artist and Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles

"Ordinary Pictures"

Venue: Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2016)

About Steven Baldi

Mining the art historical narrative shaped by museums, exhibition catalogs, and photographic documentation, Steven Baldi makes work about works of art, exploring how their meaning is made, understood, and, ultimately, codified. His paintings, prints, sculptures, films, photographs, and installations are both self-referential—they reveal the process of their own making—and symbolic—they stand for the ongoing system of interpretation, contextualization, and cataloguing to which all works of art are subject, and by which they are shaped. In his ongoing “Reproduction” paintings, for example, he juxtaposes images of a 1932 Museum of Modern Art, New York, exhibition catalog with those of invitations to various contemporary gallery openings. Appropriation is key to Baldi’s practice. By re-creating iconic works of art and design, as well as exhibition ephemera, he simultaneously models and sends-up the various ways in which they may be seen.

American, b. 1983

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