Stuart Duffin, ‘Beyond Borders’, 2016, Warnock Fine Arts

In 1996 Duffin was invited to work in Jerusalem at the Jerusalem Print Workshop for a month as part of an international artists exchange with the Glasgow Print Studio. He has returned several times since. He has stated that nowhere more than in the Holy City did he experience the loss of paradise, or our separation from God/the divine/our humanity in a more painfully obvious way. All of his work since then has been a result of the experiences, thoughts and memories of Jerusalem.

The works are, on one hand, simple still lifes of familiar (to me) everyday objects. But on the other hand there is symbolism attached to them. The political and religious strife of the Middle East is the backdrop for his messages of hope. The old maps and modern views of Jerusalem or the street of prophets road sign, central to the whole body of my work, expresses the view that the welfare of Jerusalem acts as a barometer to our own spiritual welfare, not only as individuals but of collectively as a society.

Signature: Signed, titled and numbered in pencil from the edition of 30.

About Stuart Duffin

Scottish, b. 1959, Scotland, UK, based in Glasgow, UK