Studio Job, ‘Ruins’, 2012, Maharam
Studio Job, ‘Ruins’, 2012, Maharam

Ruins is based on the German city of Dresden, known as the "Jewel Box" for its baroque and rococo city center before being leveled in a controversial Allied bombing in the final months of World War II. With its diagonal grid, clean lines, and restrained graphic approach, Ruins offers a somber isometric view of Dresden's destruction.

Series: Maharam Digital Projects

Image rights: © 2012 Studio Job, Maharam under license

About Studio Job

Based in Antwerp and the Netherlands, Studio Job, a design duo founded over a decade ago by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, produces one-off pieces of sculptural furniture that share little with the reigning aesthetic of minimalism and spareness. Their cast bronze works—tables whose surfaces are models of inverted cathedrals, lamps shaped like the Eiffel Tower—are laser cut for minute detailing and exquisite surface texture. Often described as “neo-gothic,” Studio Job’s pieces are fanciful without being kitschy.