Studio mischer‘traxler, ‘Relumine "Lapis & Lazuli"’, 2010, Chamber

Image rights: Lauren Coleman

About Studio mischer‘traxler

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler met at the Design Academy Eindhoven and have been partners—professional and personally—ever since. Their innovative design practice combines the handmade with technology, with a constant eye on sustainability and respect for nature. Along with furniture and household objects—like the Limited Fungi shelves with models of endangered Austrian fungi—the Vienna-based duo envisions conceptual production processes, which sometimes take the shape of kinetic devices. Their award-winning work often requires the presence of an audience, as in their mirrors that work only when two or more people are in front of them or an automated basket-making machine that applies a darker hue depending one how many observers are in the room.

based in Vienna, Austria