Studio Swine, ‘"Metallic Geology"’, 2014, Chamber

Image rights: Hayden Phipps

About Studio Swine

Taking site-specificity to a whole new level, Studio Swine (standing for “Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers”) immerses itself in cultures and problems worldwide, and responds with ingenious and elegant design-based solutions. The studio was founded by husband and wife duo Azusa Murakami (an architect) and Alexander Groves (an artist), who describe themselves as “an Anglo-Japanese design studio making extraordinary projects around the world…examin[ing] the role of design in the modern day, the power of the vernacular, and the future of resources in luxury design.” Paramount to their approach is environmental and economic sustainability and recycling. This is exemplified by a recent project called, “Hair Highway.” A reflection on the ancient Silk Road, the global human hair industry, and modern China’s trade relationship with the world, the project culminated in a suite of sumptuous decorative objects, crafted using human hair.

English and Japanese, 1983 and 1984