Studiopepe, ‘Ossimori VII’, 2015, Chamber

“Ossimori” is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, sparse sculptural compositions that thrive by contrasting materials like chalk and marble. Their different shades of white take on distinct meanings, and the objects propose an open-endedness that can be read in different ways: white like an archeological discovery, white like a white cube, white like minimalism, and, as they suggest, white as the blank metaphor of a lost dimension.

The word “ossimori” means “oxymoron” in Italian, but also suggests a connection to “osso,” or bone, constituting a subtle word play. “Each one has its own dual/hybrid nature, each contains its exact opposite, its own negation,” says Silvana Annichiarico, director of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

Image rights: Guang Xu

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