Sturtevant, ‘Duchamp Wanted’, 1992, Anthony Reynolds Gallery

Copyright the artist, courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

About Sturtevant

Going only by her last name, Elaine Sturtevant was a master of appropriation who re-created works by iconic 20th-century artists in order to explore authenticity, artistic celebrity, and the creative process. Calling her approach “repetition,” she began making deliberately inexact copies of the work of her predecessors and contemporaries in 1964, repeating pieces by the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Marcel Duchamp. Some artists appreciated her project: Warhol loaned her original screens for her reproduction of his “Flowers” series. Others were angered. For example, Claes Oldenburg bristled when she presented a version of Oldenburg’s The Store. Sturtevant was variously criticized, dismissed, and celebrated (she was awarded a Golden Lion in 2011) throughout her career. In 2000, she began focusing on video, utilizing clips from the mass media and popular entertainment to challenge the politics of image production.

American, 1924-2014, Lakewood, Ohio, based in Paris, France

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