Summer A. Smith, ‘Blacksmith Forging a Horseshoe’, 1859-1860, Sotheby's

Important Daguerreotypes from the Stanley B. Burns, MD, Collection

The photographer's credit stamp on the velvet lining.


From the Catalogue:
According to Craig's Daguerreian Registry (Vol. 3, p. 531), Summer A. Smith was active as a daguerreotypist at 416 North Second Street in Philadelphia from 1859 to 1860. He is listed as boarding at a Black Horse Tavern, of which there were several. One nearby to his Philadelphia studio was in Flourtown and was the first stop on the Philadelphia-to-Bethlehem stagecoach line.
—Courtesy of Sotheby's

Stanley B. Burns, Mirror Mirror: The Burns Collection Daguerreotypes (New York: The Burns Archive Press, 2012), pl. 9
The Encyclopedia of Collectibles: Photographs to Quilts (Alexandria, 1979), p. 18

Acquired from Ken Appollo, Rhinecliff