Summer Wheat, ‘Absolution’, 2017, Shulamit Nazarian

About Summer Wheat

When asked to describe her own pieces, Summer Wheat says they are “sensual, disturbing, ugly but beautiful,” and have a “skidrow messiness with refined elegance.” Critics have agreed with this characterization of Wheat’s work, which includes sculptural installation, drawing, and most notably painting. Wheat—who cites Sue Williams, Caroll Dunham, and Willem de Kooning as her favorite artists—makes figural depictions of anonymous individuals, using a selection of vividly clashing colors and thick impasto. She says that she looks for innovative ways to apply the paint to canvas, and has used syringes, mops, and brooms. Wheat has employed her garish and grotesque aesthetic to make social critique, as in the suite of works presented in her solo exhibition “Hi-Lo” (2012), which parodied members of both the wealthy and destitute classes.

American, b. 1977, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

Los Angeles,
Summer Wheat: Catch and Release
Summer Wheat: Hi-Lo

Group Shows

GROUP SHOW featuring Nicole Cherubini, Mark Cooper, Craig Drennen, Jeffrey Gibson, Gabriel Martinez, Rune Olsen, Todd Pavlisko, Suzannah Sinclair, Matt Rich, Steve Locke, Summer Wheat