Sun Xun  孙逊, ‘Still from Some Actions Which Haven’t Been Defined Yet in the Revolution 一场革命中还未来得及定义的行为’, 2011, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

孙逊 一场革命中还未来得及定义的行为

Image rights: Photo: courtesy the artist

Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013-14

Lent by the artist

About Sun Xun 孙逊

Sun Xun’s intense skepticism of historical narrative and disillusionment with the post-1949 “New China” informs the political and fanciful nature of his installations, drawings, and animations. Sun’s sequence animations are created by drawing, erasing, and recording individual frames and stringing them together to create a gritty narrative about an unidentified and ambiguous era. He carries this preoccupation with erasure into his wall drawings and installations, a metaphorical exploration of the ephemerality of art and a questioning of its inherent value.

Chinese, b. 1980, Fuxin, Liaoning Provence, China, based in Hangzhou, China