Suntory, ‘Suntory Whisky HIBIKI 30 Years Old’, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2017


Courtesy of Suntory Holdings Limited

HIBIKI 30 Years Old is Suntory's most exquisite whisky, highly admired by the world's whisky lovers. Only a few thousand bottles of this limited-edition whisky are produced each year. Malt whiskies of at least 30 years old are carefully selected from Suntory's most treasured, longest-aging casks. Then, mature grain whiskies aged over 30 years are painstakingly examined and blended with the malt whiskies. This is an entirely manual process due to the limited production. The brand is the four-time winner of the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) Trophy and two-time winner of the World’s Best Blended Whisky from The World Whiskies Awards (WWA). Tasting notes: sweet aroma of long-term aged malt; full floral aroma; smooth, full body; strong woodiness; long-lasting, fragrant aftertaste.
Courtesy of Japan Society