Susan Cantrick, ‘sbc 141’, 2012, IdeelArt
Susan Cantrick, ‘sbc 141’, 2012, IdeelArt

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This acrylic painting on linen is one of 8 medium-scale paintings that Cantrick produced for her 2012 series based on the prose poem "The Pebble" by Francis Ponge.

The parallel between the poem and the paintings has to do with the physical disintegration of an aggregate and its consequences for the integrity of the disintegrated object. The largest of the paintings, a diptych that evolved from a photo taken from a window in the artist’s studio, served as a matrix that Cantrick digitally deconstructed and reconstructed into studies for the 8 paintings on linen as well as a series of small-scale mixed-media works on paper.

The matrix and a selection of the small-scale works were exhibited at the Boston French Cultural Center in 2013.

Signature: Verso

From the artist’s studio

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