Susan Dory, ‘Mach 5’, 2014, Winston Wächter Fine Art

Pacific Northwest artist Susan Dory uses layers of acrylic paint to create an interplay of depth and translucency. Through a process of under painting and pouring paint that strategically uses elements of color and line, Dory activates each canvas surface. Colors seem to both recede and press forward as bold lines move the eye’s gaze in various directions with penetrating affect. Dory has received both national and local awards including the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, the Willard R. Espy Foundation Artist-in-Residence Fellowship and the Behnke Foundation’s Neddy Artist Fellowship.

About Susan Dory

With lines and colors darting across the canvas, Susan Dory’s paintings teem with energy. She layers fields of acrylic paint, creating senses of both depth and density in her canvases. Dory’s earlier works created the impression of movement through horizontal bands of color in capsule-like forms that appear to shift and pulsate. In recent work she has abandoned this horizontality, focusing instead on her interest in street art, with vivid and overlapping forms that suggest the style-over-message content of graffiti. Her chromatic figures weave up, down, and across the canvas, creating skeins of bold lines that accentuate their layers and depth.

American, b. 1964