Susan Goldsmith, ‘White Magic’, 2017, Diehl Gallery

About Susan Goldsmith

In luminescent, mixed-media paintings, Susan Goldsmith explores the cycles of nature, sunlight and shadow, time’s passage, and human perception. Focusing on the natural world, Goldsmith begins with photographs—of tree branches, koi fish viewed through a pond’s surface, a peacock opening its majestic tail, or birds in flight—then digitally reworks them in studio, transferring them to canvas or panel and building up layers of material, including resin, paint, gold leaf, and oil pastel. “So, as you walk by one of my paintings you will see the colors change,” Goldsmith says, describing the effects of this labor-intensive process. “Similar to how colors change in nature based on different times of day or how the wind modifies the effect of sunlight on leaves and branches.”

American, Los Angeles, California