Susana Reisman, ‘1x1x4 Pressure Treated Nailing Strip’, 2013, Circuit Gallery

About Susana Reisman

Photographing everyday objects outside of their ordinary context, Susana Reisman makes the mundane sculptural. Interested in the ways we interpret, construct, classify, and experience the world around us, she creates diverse bodies of work that explore ideas of transformation and standardization. For example, her “Domestic Disclosures” series addresses notions of familiarity, repetition, and metamorphosis while subconsciously referencing and paying homage to artists like Donald Judd, Carl Andre, and Louise Bourgeois. In doing so, Reisman questions whether contemporary artists are inextricably bound to the works of their predecessors. Her “Standardizing Nature” series explores wood’s transition from a tree to commodified commercial lumber, specifically focusing on form, function, and standardization. Embellishing dimensional wood boards with everyday construction materials like tape and paint, Reisman highlights the forms and systems that surround us. Through such work, she suggests that standards are essential and productive but also dangerous, particularly when they are amplified or left unquestioned.

Venezuelan, b. 1977, Caracas, Venezuela, based in Toronto, ON, Canada

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