Susanne Rottenbacher, ‘farbring 450 K’, 2013, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017
Susanne Rottenbacher, ‘farbring 450 K’, 2013, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

This piece is unique
Depth: 15 cm (6 in.)
Diameter: 110 cm (43 1/3 in.)

From the Catalogue:
Rottenbacher works with two types of rings. The majority are transparent plastic forms inside of which there are fine webs of wires fitted at regular intervals with small, colorful LED lights. The exteriors of these forms are enhanced with painted stripes of various color intensities, thicknesses, and densities. These dynamic compositions of painterly line formations meet the strict linear arrangement of the wire networks. The regularity of the arrangement of colorful points of light further accentuates the works, creating a dialogical interplay that characteristi- cally structures the ring forms and simultaneously illuminates the surroundings in a way that is as invasive as it is diffuse. As forms of light and color, they illuminate the entire (.......) space and ultimately occupy it in relation to the surrounding light, which is constantly changing according to the rhythm of the time of day.
Source:, Rafael von Uslar

Signature: Certificate of Authenticity

About Susanne Rottenbacher

German, b. 1969, Gottingen, based in Berlin

Group Shows

Kunstmuseum Celle, 
Celle, Germany,
Lichtkunst im 21. Jahrhundert, Teil 1