Susanne Wagner, ‘The Sculptor (Tim)’, 2013, Galerie Jo van de Loo
Susanne Wagner, ‘The Sculptor (Tim)’, 2013, Galerie Jo van de Loo

Since 2007, Susanne Wagner has been working on a series of videos portraying people from various professions. She creates her own settings for the protagonists where they demonstrate their particular skill.
The videos The Paintress (Steffi) and The Sculptor (Tim) are portraits of artists, where they create artworks in a constructed environment using a predefined combination of movements.
Using an oversized paintbrush, the paintress hits a large sieve filled with flour to transform a monochrome black square, reminiscent of Malewitschs iconic painting from 1913, into a relief-like landscape picture.
The sculptor is seen constructing a diagonal grid using coloured wooden sticks. The material appears to fly into his hands. With dance-like movements he creates a picture in the style of Concrete Art.
Both portraits were created in analogue situations without the use of digitally generated effects, where a single camera angle is used to form the impression of a two-dimensional space.
Both protagonists transform the seemingly two-dimensional situation into a three- dimensional installation, which then takes on a fourth dimensional aspect because of the passing of time. The artists are not anonymous creators of a finished piece of art, but rather an active and integral part of the whole. The work and it’s creator become one in space.

Image rights: Courtesy Galerie Jo van de Loo / VG-Bild Kunst.

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