Susie Rosmarin, ‘Diamond Pattern Painting #2’, 2010, Talley Dunn Gallery

About Susie Rosmarin

Susie Rosmarin’s works achieve tremendous optical illusions and effects through the almost-mechanic repetition of patterns and layers of color. Rosmarin’s work has often been compared to Op Art, though she considers this likeness incidental; instead, the root of her creativity comes from her fascination with mathematical patterns, and the fundamental variations of light and color. To make each painting, she works in alternating layers of tape and paint, always moving from light to dark colors to create her crisp and methodical forms. In fact, Rosmarin has no idea what the final composition looks like until she removes all the pieces of tape at the end of her process. Rosemarin finds inspiration in the works of Ellsworth Kelly and in landscape paintings, for both’s interest in the interplay of light, color, and atmosphere.

American, b. 1950

Group Shows

Contemporary Arts Center, 
Cincinnati, OH, United States,
Houston, TX, USA,