Suzanne Duchamp, ‘Untitled (Bouquet)’, ca. 1940, Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

About Suzanne Duchamp

Dada painter Suzanne Duchamp fused painting, collage, and language in her complex compositions. The younger sister of Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, and Marcel Duchamp, she exhibited alongside her brothers and enjoyed a close relationship with Marcel. In Multiplication Broken and Restored (1919), which is considered one of her best works, a schematic Eiffel Tower is turned upside down at the center of the image, and phrases run up and down the surface—“The mirror would shatter, the scaffolding would totter, the balloons would fly away, the stars would dim”—creating a sense of visual and verbal disorder. Duchamp was also married to the abstract painter Jean Crotti; together they developed Tabu, an offshoot of Dada and an amalgam of a number of previous movements to which they added a quasi-religious element.

French, 1889-1963