Suzanne Treister, ‘Peter Halley Video Game’, 1990, P.P.O.W

About Suzanne Treister

Departing from her initial career as a painter to pioneer new media art in the 1990s, Suzanne Treister has since worked across multiple formats—video, the internet, interactive technology, printed matter, charts, and diagrams—to explore structures of power and knowledge. Her projects, which evolve over time, weave together unexpected narratives and systems and often feature occult theories. Her black-and-white hand-rendered drawings map wild networks of real and imagined people, places, and ideologies. Her output continues to be influenced and updated by emerging technologies and developments. An example is her recent coining of the term post-surveillance art, which refers to the aftermath of the Edward Snowden revelations. The concept is also connected to the artist’s fictional research program involving Web 2.0 and mass intelligence, Hexen 2.0.

British, b. 1958, London, United Kingdom