Suzette Bross, ‘Suzette’, 2015, Geary

Series: For the Glass

About Suzette Bross

In color, photographic images captured on her smartphone, Suzette Bross explores the lives of her daughters, the landscape of her own childhood, and the contemporary human relationship to the visual world. For her “iScapes” series, taken during her routine commute, Bross photographs the Chicago shoreline of her childhood; an arm or the edge of a car window often appears in the frame. Roadside imagery and trucks flash by, sometimes appearing only as horizontal stripes of color, suggesting the ephemerality of image consumption and the memories they represent warped over time. “We live in an age of accelerated transition,” she has said. “These images are of the ‘in between’ places. Consider them part of our new picturesque, symbols of America, symbols of internal musing.”

American, b. 1968