Tabor Robak, ‘Rocks’, 2011, Rhizome ArtBase
Tabor Robak, ‘Rocks’, 2011, Rhizome ArtBase
Tabor Robak, ‘Rocks’, 2011, Rhizome ArtBase

"In his 3d composite of imagined stones, Tabor Robak explores symbiotic relationships between man, machine, nature and intent. The 198 stone renderings which are compiled onto one plane, display a tension between man's imagination and the innate capabilities of his tool. The rendered stones range from absurd abstractions of other worldly precious gemstones to crude forced misrepresentations of common pebbles we've kicked down dirt roads in our cliche youths. It is this polarization between 'real' and 'fake', 'honesty' and 'fantasy' which is at the crux of the work; the shortcomings and beauty of mankind's attempt to represent the handiwork of God. "Rocks" by Tabor Robak successfully deduces what it means to be an artist and does so in an elegant style consistent to the unabashed computer software aesthetic of 2012." -Ryder Ripps

About Tabor Robak

New media artist Tabor Robak probes the nature of reality in animated visualizations of virtual environments, as well as browser-based artworks that isolate elements and tropes from video games, action films, and science fiction. Robak captures the tension between the real and the artificial in his 3-D composites of digitally rendered stones, such as Rocks (2011), which explores the symbiotic relationship between humanity, nature, and technology. Robak also produces immersive digital environments, such as Memory (2010), in which a viewer’s browser becomes an expansive visualization of moving cloud-like forms.

American, b. 1986, Portland, Oregon, based in Brooklyn, New York

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