Tacita Dean, ‘The Russian Ending’, 2001, Peter Blum Gallery

6 prints from a total of 20 etchings

Image rights: Copyright artist and Peter Blum Edition, New York

Publisher: Peter Blum Edition

About Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean creates photographs, films, and drawings that explore themes of chance, narrative, and time, often featuring nautical imagery and derelict spaces. Dean’s 35mm color and black-and-white film JG, with kaleidoscopic visuals, explores her search to find Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty in Utah, as well as her correspondence with the writer J.G. Ballard about the likeness that Smithson’s work bears to a Ballard short story. “Both works have an analog heart,” Dean has said, “not just because they were made or written when spooling and reeling were the means to record and transmit images and sound, but because their spiraling is analogous to time itself.” Her drawings have taken the form of storyboards and large-scale, dramatic chalk-on-blackboard drawings of landscapes. Dean won a Hugo Boss Prize in 2006.

British, b. 1965, Canterbury, United Kingdom, based in Berlin, Germany