Taher Asad-Bakhtiari, ‘Baz #3 kilim’, 2012, Carwan Gallery

All Asad-Bakthiari kilims are hand-made in Iran by Turkic-speaking, semi-settled nomads using 100% natural and vegetable-died wools. Each kilim requires approximately four to five months to produce, depending on the size. The designer innovated in the fabrication process with a polyurethane weaving together with wool. The designs are limited to essential geometrical shapes, enhancing the novelty of the weave and mix of materials to speak out. Stimulated by this new approach, the weavers themselves have come to re-think their craft and re-engage with it. Thus often, the weaver's own input will figure discretely in the carpet - whether in a smart approach to a weaving dilemma or the personal handling of a particular design.

Carwan commission, produced in Iran 2012

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