Tai Xiangzhou 泰祥洲, ‘Rocks Expunged by Rushing Springs 奔泉抉石’, 2016, Ink Studio

About Tai Xiangzhou 泰祥洲

In his ink paintings of rocky landscapes, Tai Xiangzhou links traditional Chinese methods of painting with a scientific, cosmological perspective. Tai’s work dates back to the 17th-century Chinese tradition of painting rocks as means of self-expression. Trained in calligraphy as a child, Tai continues this tradition while connecting it to astronomy and science. He treat rocks as otherworldly, cosmic vessels that link distant places and past times to the present and future. “Rocks have no starting point and ending point—they are timeless,” the artist has said. Tai’s engagement with tradition extends to his materials; he works only on silk-derived paper made using a 10th-century Chinese method.

Chinese, b. 1968, Yinchuan, China