Taj Forer, ‘Untitled 18-19, Stone by Stone Series’, 2010, Galeria Senda

About Taj Forer

Taj Forer’s quiet, meditative photographs explore the relationship of humans to the natural world. For his series “Threefold Sun”, Forer travelled across the United States photographing people and places influenced by the life and work of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher, educator, scientist, and artist. Working with a medium-format camera, Forer captured scenes around Waldorf communities and biodynamic farms, whose poetic, timeless quality points to Steiner’s utopian ideals. Along with the photographer Michael Itkoff, Forer is the cofounder of Daylight Magazine, an international photography publication. He has cited Joel Sternfeld, Alfredo Jaar, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres as artistic influences on his work.

American, b. 1981