Takashi Homma, ‘New York’, 2013, Taro Nasu

About Takashi Homma

Takashi Homma is known for his landscape photography of contemporary Tokyo’s suburbs and city center, as well as portraits of their inhabitants. His work documents the rapid economic changes and youth culture of the city in a deadpan style, partially influenced by his experiences as a fashion and commercial photographer. Homma likens his practice to creating a chronicle, and mourns that that “no matter how many photographs I take every day, the actual landscape keeps moving faster than what is in my head.” This interest in the landscape of post-war Japan is deeply influenced by the work of Takuma Nakahira. Since the 2000s, Homma has produced photographs of more personal subjects, taken largely in his studio or otherwise indoors.

Japanese, b. 1962, Tokyo, Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan