Tamen 他们, ‘Friend-Ship 友谊的小船’, 2018, Art+ Shanghai Gallery

About Tamen 他们

Tamen, which translates to “they” in English, is a collective comprising artists Lai Shengyu (born 1978) and Yang Xiogang (born 1979). In their digital photographs and paintings, Tamen juxtaposes elements of traditional Chinese life—for example, a bride by a river—with symbols of the country’s recent meteoric industrialization and economic growth, like luxury sports cars. The artists, who co-create every piece, cite René Magritte and Edward Hopper as influences, explaining, “Our pictures hold up a mirror to contemporary China. This mirror should not just show the outer layer of reality. We are much more concerned with the psychological effects of China’s rapid modernization.”

established 2002, Hunan Province, China, based in Beijing, China

Solo Shows

Yang Gallery, 
'A Floating World 漂浮的世界' Tamen Solo Exhibition