Tamer Nakisci, ‘Shade Kilim rug’, 2012, Carwan Gallery
Tamer Nakisci, ‘Shade Kilim rug’, 2012, Carwan Gallery

Inspired by the sunny Middle East and its unique floors & ceilings, "Shade" stands at the intersection of illusion and reality, light and matter, geometry and transparency. Hand-made in Turkey, the rug is composed of 185 pieces (400 meters) of carefully crafted wool strips that are hand-stitched to each other in 4 layers and axis using silk threads. The intersecting strips reveal unique graphics deconstructed from the Middle Eastern patterns, resembling the light rays inside the shadow. Going beyond the traditional techniques, Tamer Nakisci explores the possibilities into the rug )Kilim( making; tying the future to the past.

Commission directly from the artist
Produced in Turkey

About Tamer Nakisci

Turkish designer Tamer Nakisci is fascinated with the future. His work looks forward to a time when “form follows you,” as he creates a more emotional relationship between people and objects. His breakthrough came with the award-winning 2005 concept for the Nokia 888, a flexible, shape-shifting phone. After studying in Milan, Nakisci returned to native Istanbul to start his own studio, focusing on concept, interior design, and interactive installations. His highly customizable work includes the Pixel rug, with interchangeable colored dots, and the award-winning Dot bathroom tiles, which can be mixed and matched to create patterns. Other works reference Turkish culture, like the Shade rug, inspired by Middle Eastern craft, and the limited-edition Light, which reinterprets the mashrabiya latticed window as a kilim made of wool, silk, and mirrors.

Turkish, b. 1982