Tamiko Kawata, ‘Grove diptych’, 2007, Garvey | Simon

Left: Grove, 2014 (inventory #TAMK046), 11 x 4 inches;
Right: Grove, 2007 (inventory #TAMK048), 10 x 3 3/4 inches.

The sculptures are available separately or as a pair.

"When I developed this form in 1996, it struck me as similar to the bamboo shoots I used to enjoy seeing every spring on a roadside full of energy near my childhood home in Japan. I construct circular formations using safety pins. I don't use any adhering materials or welding. The pins rust quickly when left outdoors, the different stage of rusting creating the color tone for an overall installation. It is fascinating to me that such a small, invisible and personal item can be used to construct a strong spiral sculpture that can stand on its own simply by the way the pins lock."

-Tamiko Kawata, quoted in Eliz Alahverdian, Outdoor Sculpture Biennial (Garden City, NY: Adelphi University, 2016), 23

Artist to Garvey|Simon, New York, NY