TANC, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Catherine Ahnell Gallery

Made for Solo Exhibition OSCILLATION,
Catherine Ahnell Gallery,
NY 2013

About TANC

TANC is a former graphic designer who began to participate in the French graffiti community in 1996. Though he has since broadened his practice to include studio works, graffiti remains a strong influence—in fact, TANC continues to tag his canvases as he did his graffiti. His early works featured text elements, reflecting his interest in typographic design and calligraphy. Since then, TANC’s work has expanded to include compositions of pure abstraction, characterized by strong contours and geometric forms. His techniques include automatic writing, dripping his pigments, and spray painting. TANC also creates electronic music, a practice that influences his visual works, particularly in his applications of rhythmic marks or vibrating lines.

French, b. 1979