Tanya Batura, ‘Monochroma F’, 2008, John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage

About Tanya Batura

Ceramic artist Tanya Batura uses clay to produce darkly psychological sculptures of disembodied human heads, whose features are both idealized and abstracted. Finished in monochrome acrylic or glaze and polished to a smooth surface, Batura’s figures derive from headshots from plastic surgery, pornography, burn trauma, facial prosthesis, and dental procedures. At once sensual and disturbing, Batura’s heads sometimes balance precariously on their cheeks or brows, or wear a smear of red or pink at the mouth. “Removing these images from their original context allows accentuation of these qualities,” Batura says, “causing the resulting work to vacillate between the poles of pleasure and pain, the sublime and grotesque.”

American, b. 1974, Hartford, Connecticut, based in Los Angeles, California