Taryn Simon, ‘Footwear, UGG (Counterfeit), Contraband’, 2010, Artadia Benefit Auction 2017


Please note this lot is accompanied by a buyer's agreement, which is requested and required by the artist's studio – As a condition of sale, you agree not to sell or auction the Artwork for a period of ten years. Moreover, the Artwork shall not be sold or auctioned at any publicly recorded or announced sale in perpetuity. Should you wish no longer to own the artwork, you agree to grant Taryn Simon or her estate, assigns or heirs the right of first refusal to the Artwork.

Signature: certificate of authenticity

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian Gallery

About Taryn Simon

Conceptual artist Taryn Simon’s photographs and accompanied writing are the result of a long process of research and investigation. For her 2011 work A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, produced over a four-year period, Simon traveled around the world collecting stories and images that mapped the relationships among chance, blood, and other components of fate. Her work Contraband (2010) presented 1,075 images of items that were detained or seized from passengers and mail entering the United States from abroad. An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar (2007), revealed objects, sites, and spaces that are integral to America's foundation or daily functioning but remain inaccessible or unknown to the public audience, including a nuclear waste storage facility, a braille edition of Playboy, and the art collection of the CIA. Equally concerned with formalism and realism, Simon seeks seductive images of inaccessible and unrecognized, but symbolic, subjects, and maintains a diverse practice that extends to film, sculpture, and performance.

American, b. 1975, New York, New York, based in New York, New York