Taxile Doat, ‘Mythological Charger’, circa 1900, Heritage Auctions
Taxile Doat, ‘Mythological Charger’, circa 1900, Heritage Auctions

Property from the Jason Jacques Collection

Condition Report: Observed under UV light with no evidence of restoration, in good condition.

Signature: Painted to the underside: DOAT/ Sèvres

Image rights: Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Marc Lambrechts. "L'Objet Sublime: Franse Ceramiek 1875-1945" (Antwerp: Pandora Editions, 2015), p. 212.

The Hermann Tob and Marc Lambrechts Collection, Belgium.

About Taxile Doat

Taxile Doat began working at the Sèvres National Manufactory in 1877. Throughout his tenure there, he maintained a private atelier, at first in Paris and later both in Paris and in the city of Sèvres. Doat's studio ceramics nearly rejected the classical vocabulary that dominated the remarkable pâte-sur-pâte work he created at Sèvres. Instead he favored the Japanese aesthetic of organic shapes and running glazes. His macro crystalline glazes were especially well received. [Source: Jason Jacques]

French, 1851-1939