TC Lai 賴恬昌, ‘Shatin Racecourse and Environs’, 2002, Alisan Fine Arts

About TC Lai 賴恬昌

Although he worked as a scholar of classical Chinese culture for much of his life, TC Lai took a deep interest in Western culture after living and studying in London. In his retirement, Lai started painting, creating borderline surreal landscapes of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Lai has mastered the three perfections of Chinese culture—poetry, calligraphy, and painting—and he synthesizes Eastern and Western styles, influences, and ideologies into his art. Working with ink and gouache on silk, Lai’s panoramic landscapes recall traditional Chinese ink scrolls. His exploration of brushstrokes is aligned with calligraphic art forms, but his painterly style and use of bright color is decidedly Western.

Chinese, b. 1921, Hong Kong, China, based in Hong Kong