Ted Noten, ‘Seven Necessities - Glasses for a Woman on the Warpath’, 2012, Ornamentum

Noten’s spyglasses are the perfect device for a woman on the warpath. The nylon sunglasses contain many hidden compartments, one of the arms houses an aggressive crystal ice pick. A golden eyebrow completes the story.

3d printed nylon. Selective laser sintering method.

These glasses are serial but each of them is unique.

Signature: 14 kt gold-sheet ATN 2/7 2012

About Ted Noten

Since 2005, Dutch jewelry designer Ted Noten has broadened his repertoire to include furniture and art installations. His eponymous Amsterdam atelier (abbreviated ATN) is beloved worldwide for its wry and irreverent design objects. The four-person team has produced everything from a brass “self-portrait ring” to a brooch cast from a wad of chewing gum sent in by a client. Many of ATN’s designs subvert the appearance and context of luxury goods, like acrylic designer bags with treasures (pistols, lizards, rings) trapped inside.

Dutch, b. 1956, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands