Ted VanCleave, ‘Sinuosity Series: Absinthe’, 2013, VICTORI+MO CONTEMPORARY

About Ted VanCleave

With no formal artistic training, Ted VanCleave began his artistic career at the age of thirty, painting large and colorful abstract canvases. Following a move to Los Angeles in 2002, VanCleave switched his medium to photography. Today, he is recognized for his highly saturated, closely cropped photographs of iconic signage in American cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. Among his best-known work is a series featuring the Hollywood sign. Sunsets and industrial complexes are also common subjects in his photography. In 2011, VanCleave began the “Sinuosity Sculpture Series,” a collection of luminous works made from industrial woven nylon and cement. He describes the series as a “balance of sensual curves and visual Zen infused with meditative tranquility.”

American, b. 1953, Detroit, Michigan, based in Miami, Florida