Tenesh Webber, ‘Loose String 2’, 2013, IdeelArt
Tenesh Webber, ‘Loose String 2’, 2013, IdeelArt

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This image is part of an ongoing series began in 2006.

To create the images Webber stretches and layers thread on a pre-cut frame. The resulting images are made by laying this “plate” onto black and white photographic paper in the darkroom. The photograms are printed in editions of five, with variations.

The imagery is built up using layers of thread, to create rhythmic, intuitive compositions, which offer tension between the organic and rectilinear. They suggest macro and micro views of nature, or of the man made.

The plate for this image was Webber’s first exploration using loosened thread. Beginning with a measured grid formation, Webber then carefully cut specific threads; each print of the edition has variations.

This is edition 2 of 5

Series: This is edition 2 of 5

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