Teppei Kaneuji, ‘Games, Dance and the Constructions (Singapore) #6-A’, 2014, STPI

About Teppei Kaneuji

Teppei Kaneuji is an omnivorous artist whose work is often described in musical terms cribbed from remix culture: his work is a mixtape, while he is a DJ. Such metaphors reflect both his preoccupation with pop culture and his penchant for combining divergent themes. Kaneuji grafts together the detritus of overconsumption, creating candy-colored sculptures and prints with Manga-influenced lines that are the product of the overly stimulating, image-saturated culture in which he was raised. He incorporates diverse materials into his work, such as wood and colorful plastic tubing, sticky white polyester resin and neon toy parts, even action figurines’ removable hairpieces, which he transformed into hulking monsters in the work Teenaged Fan Club (2013). More recently he’s focused on his natural attraction to form, screen-printing assemblages of loudspeakers, piping, and hunks of meat onto stark white backgrounds.

Japanese, b. 1978, Kyoto, Japan, based in Kyoto, Japan