Tercerunquinto, ‘Sin justicia no habrá PAZ’, 2017, PROYECTOSMONCLOVA

To produce Paños [Cloths], dozens of cotton cloths were stained with spray paint residue as a result of removing politically motivated graffiti tags from various public spaces in Mexico City. Each cloth and its corresponding stain represents a removed slogan that, either through semantic expression, or graphic symbols, expresses a feeling of rage and protest against a political, economic, social, cultural or religious authority. The ruinous act of the cleaning these messages of discontent transfigures these signs into pure abstraction-or simple random stains. The resulting cloths are then mounted and displayed throughout the exhibition space. As a deliberately clumsy archaeological methodology, this work seeks to register the memory of rabid furor in these texts; with the understanding that paradoxically, in order to do so, their readability is sacrificed.

Series: Paños

Image rights: Tercerunquinto and PROYECTOSMONCLOVA

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