Terence Finch, ‘Fall on Park Avenue’, 2017, Isabella Garrucho Fine Art

They state: "Jackie Onassis Kennedy. She was a style icon, no doubt. Ultimately she was much more; First Lady, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.

I find her alluring as a subject matter for many reasons. I did not want the portrait to look like her because she has been used as a muse by much greater Artists than I. Her life was tragic. Such heart and sorry for one woman to burden. Yet what I see, when I look at an image of her or what I wanted to project in this piece was her strength. The golden thread through all her sorrow and heart ache was that she remained strong. Stoic. Bold. Fervent. Courageous. Almost majestic in her strength. I admire that hugely. Mrs Kennedy........here's to you. To your indomitable legacy as American Royalty".

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