Teresa Cunniff, ‘Ground Luminosity’, 2009, Seager Gray Gallery

About Teresa Cunniff

Teresa Cunniff’s sculptural, installation, and audiovisual works emulate organic forms, animals, and wooded environments, creating spaces where viewers reflect and are subject to nonhuman modes of perception. Her 2011 sculpture Herd mounts resin models of deer ears on gallery walls, making the space seem as if it is listening and observing the actions of the visitor. For Cunniff, deprioritizing human perception suggests a more democratic natural order. “If our relationship to the living world is not based on a hierarchy of owner and possession, or superior and inferior, a far more complex interaction becomes available, one in which alienation is diminished and the unique vitality and intelligence of all expressions of life can be recognized for their inherent value,” Cunniff has said.