Teresa Emanuele, ‘Labor Lenis ’, 2012, Contini Contemporary

About Teresa Emanuele

Teresa Emanuele left her native Italy not for art but for Wall Street; originally trained and employed as a lawyer, she began taking photographs as a hobby after being inspired by New York City’s architecture and sense of space. Now a full-time photographer, Emanuele focuses on the power and impact of mankind, though she notes that the human presence hardly ever directly appears in her photographs. Instead, she uses black-and-white photography to document vacant architectures and scenes of the natural sublime. Her images are often hung on hooks away from the wall and printed on transparencies to create a shadowbox effect. Referring to her practice as “kinetic imagery,” Emanuele also uses photo etchings and a printing press to create limited edition prints of her haunting photographs. Such techniques further imbue her classically two-dimensional practice with tactile and multidimensional implications.

Italian, b. 1980, Rome, Italy

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