Teresa Pera, ‘Cal.ligrafies d'aigua 8’, 2017, PontArte

Teresa Pera about her series Cal.ligrafies: What relationships are established between art, nature, and artifacts? I address this question in my artwork through an observation of artistic practices, in which I consider how technology, art, and science have affected our perception of nature. I am interested in exploring the correlation between art and nature, a theme that persists over time and which defines the relationship between natural esthetics and artistic esthetics by similarity or contrast. Nature appears in my work as a global living organism pulled from a scientific and poetic vision that proposes an alternative reality and seeks to exchange with those who observe it. I establish relationships between the environment and the observation of natural phenomenon in one’s memory and experience. A journey that travels from the experimentation of the object to the image and vice-versa. From her masters thesis in june 2017.

Series: Cal.ligafies

Signature: Yes

Image rights: Teresa Pera/ PontArte

June / July 2017: Fabra i Coats Centre for Contemporary Art, Barcelona. Spain


About Teresa Pera

Spanish, b. 1983, based in Tordera, Barcelona, Spain