Terry Evans, ‘Petcoke piles with sprinklers at KCBX site on Calumet River’, 2014, Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP)

Image rights: Image courtesy of MoCP

"Petcoke: Tracing Dirty Energy"

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago (2016)

About Terry Evans

Photographer Terry Evans is best known for her images of the people, landscapes, and artifacts of the American Midwest. Interested in a wide variety of subjects and formats, Evans has produced photographic series on steel mills, prairie landscapes, science museum collections, taxidermy animals, and the buildings of Chicago. “How else can we know where we fit in relationship to everything else in the world,” she says, “but by seeing it with attention, concentrated sustained attention?” Her series encompass everything from straight portraiture to sweeping aerial views of the landscape.

American, b. 1944, Kansas City, Missouri