Terry Richardson, ‘Kate Moss  (From the Kate Moss Portfolio published by Danziger Gallery)’, 1997, Danziger Gallery

This photograph is part of the Kate Moss Portfolio. View the whole portfolio by clicking here.

Each box contains eleven pigment prints, signed by the photographer.
Signed on the colophon by Kate Moss
Box and design by Ruth Ansel
Printing by Adamson Editions

About Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is a commercial photographer who takes playful and sexual images of celebrities in a style the New York Times has described as “glossed-up 1970s porn chic”. With his signature thick glasses, Richardson often poses with the models that he shoots, never shying away from offense, whether through his sexually graphic books, controversial public statements, or provocative celebrity portraits. For a 2011 photo book, he followed Lady Gaga for a year, documenting her life and performances in raw, behind-the-scenes photos.

American, b. 1965, New York, New York, based in Los Angeles, California

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TASCHEN at Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015