terumi sakane, ‘The voice of the heart’, 2017, Artglorieux

She is a young artist drawing attention in beautiful paintings.

Solo Exhibition
2010 "Terumi Sakane Exhibition," Matuzakaya, Aichi & Tokyo
2009 "placebo effect," Gallery Zyun, Tokyo
2008 "Terumi Sakane Exhibition," Gallery Hikari, Tokyo

Group Exhibition
2009  "Seinokai, " Matuzakaya, Aichi
     "Hisyousuruzyoseitati," Gallery zyun, Tokyo
     "Tokyo Wonder Wall 2009,"
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
     "FACE MIX, " Gallery kiku, Osaka
2007  "Moenokai, " Matuzakaya, Aichi & Tokyo
     "92th inten," Museum of Art Tokyo, Tokyo
2006  "60th Harunointen," Mitukoshi, Tokyo
2005  "14th Scholarship Recipient Art Exhibition of
      the Sato International Cultural Scholarship, "
Foundation Museum of Art Sato, Tokyo
2004  Graduated From Aichi Prefectural University of Arts
and Music Exhibition
     Won Kuwabara prize Museum of Art Aichi, Aichi 

About terumi sakane

Japanese, b. 1978, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, based in Japan