The Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat 水松石山房主人, ‘Journey of the Stone’, 2017, Rasti Chinese Art

So many legends and stories begin with a stone, recognizing its infinite potential for transformation, both material and spiritual. The copper stone is born from deep in the damp womb of the dusty world to be turned into art by Stone Fools. Then, by the process of uniting with the stone, stepping into its other-worldly realm, they begin to transform not only the stone once more, but themselves. The artist, in creating strange stones from the womb of the imagination, continues the transformation with paper, ink and brush, reaching beyond the reality of the dusty world into the realm of the Dao. The process requires patience: it has taken the age of the Universe to come to the present moment. How could one not wonder at such strange stones?

Inscribed by the Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat at the Garden at the Edge of the Universe in the spring of 2017, joyously mixing colours some even derived from stone themselves.

Signature: With three seals of the artist, 水松石山房Shuisongshi shanfang (‘The Water, Pine and Stone Retreat’), 竹虛老人 Zhuxu laoren (‘Old man as Empty Inside as Bamboo'), and 意氣如雲 Yiqi ru yun (‘Spirit as high as the clouds’)

About The Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat 水松石山房主人