The Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat 水松石山房主人, ‘Mind Wilderness No. 3’, 2013, Rasti Chinese Art

Cranes strut unafraid in the Mind Wilderness. Stars come and go as I please and mountain brooks beat out their distant rhythm of tumbling stones to accompany the wind through the pines and the idle barking of gibbons. There is a hint of ink on the breeze that comes to my nose like flying-grade nose-smoke.
Inscribed by the Master of the Water Pine and Stone Retreat at the Garden at the Edge of the Universe in the late summer of 2013.
Note: flying-grade nose-smoke is an exalted type of snuff that connoisseurs used to favour for its powder-like fineness of grind.

Signature: With four seals of the artist, 水松石山房 Shuisongshi shanfang (‘TheWater, Pine and Stone Retreat’), 攜杖老人 Xiezhang laoren (‘The old man who carries the staff’), 山外山樵 Shanwai shanqiao (‘The mountain woodcutter who is not in the mountains’), and 笑傲烟霞 Xiaoao yanxia ('Smile haughtily among clouds and rosy mists')

About The Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat 水松石山房主人